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Toyota Landcruiser Swaybar Link

Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser Rear Swaybar Links



  • Product Information

    Tired of constantly replacing the factory rubber bushes in the rear of your 80 series Landcruiser? We have the perfect solution: fully adjustable heim joint links.

    These links are designed to replace the factory rubber bush arrangement, offering a more durable and long-lasting alternative. Specifically crafted for late model 80 series Landcruisers with mounting threads located at the bottom of the chassis rail, these links are engineered for reliability.

    Suitable for vehicles with a minimum 2" lift, our heim joint links provide enhanced adjustability to meet your needs. They come complete with all the necessary hardware for easy mounting, ensuring a smooth installation process.

    Crafted from durable steel and finished with a sleek black powder coating, our heim joint links not only offer superior functionality but also add extra durability in Australias tough conditions.

    Upgrade your 80 series Landcruiser today with our fully adjustable heim joint links and say goodbye to frequent bush replacements. Enjoy enhanced durability and performance both on and off the road.




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