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80 series landcruiser mirror

Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser Ditch Light Mounts

  • Product Description

    Are you tired of missing out on the thrill of off-roading adventures after the sun goes down? If you've ever found yourself wishing for better visibility at the sides, we have just the solution for you! Introducing our innovative brackets designed specifically for night-time off-road excursions.

    Mounted seamlessly behind your mirrors, these brackets offer enhanced visibility in minutes. Crafted from durable 2mm 350G steel and powder-coated in black, they not only provide a sleek look but also ensure longevity and durability. Proudly Australian Made, these brackets guarantee the highest quality standards.

    Compatible with a wide range of light options, these brackets empower you to customize your off-road experience according to your preferences. Sold as a pair for both the left and right sides of your vehicle, they offer comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

    Please note: Lights are not included, but the possibilities they unlock for your off-road adventures are endless!





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