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Toyota 80 Series Auxiliary Door Seals

Toyota 80 Series Auxiliary Door Seals

SKU: AU0001776


  • Product Description

    Introducing auxiliary door seals tailored for 80 series Toyota Landcruisers. Designed to replace the existing grey pinchweld seal around the top of the door frame on the body side, these seals offer enhanced sealing to minimize road noise and improve air conditioning efficiency.

    Each set includes seals for all four side doors of your vehicle, ensuring comprehensive coverage and maximum effectiveness.

    Pre-cut to approximate lengths, these seals require some sharp cutters for precise trimming during installation. Simply remove the old non-sealing pinchweld, then push the new seal onto the frame with the rubber bulb facing outward. Gently tap the seal until fully seated, and trim the other end to fit perfectly. With straightforward installation, the entire process typically takes around 20 minutes.

    Upgrade your 80 series Landcruiser with our auxiliary door seals and enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride while enhancing your vehicle's overall sealing efficiency.





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