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Isuzu Dmax, Mazda BT50 Tailgate Tub Door seal

MY21+ Isuzu Dmax Tailgate Tub Seal



  • Product information

    Tailgate tub seal kit to suit Suits the RG model DMAX, (Jul 2020 - Current). Fabricated from laser cut and folded stainless steel and fitted with quality rubber pinchweld seals this will greatly reduce dust from entering your tub area on dusty roads. This is not a simple stick-on seal that will peel off. If you choose to go one step further and add silicone in the small areas that aren't sealed you could almost make this seal waterproof.


    This kit was designed around the factory tub liner however as this kit has some adjustability in it, should also fit no tub liner and spray-on tub liners (please be aware the seal may not be as effective with a spray-on liner). If you are running a factory tub liner you will need to trim a reasonable amount of the plastic as this kit utilizes the 2 tie-down points in the rear corners for the side plates. The tailgate lower mount strip will also need to be removed for the best seal and the bottom of the tailgate plastic panel will require double-sided tape or screws to retain. 


    Install time approx 1.5-2.5 hours. We strongly recommend removing any canopy or sailplane fitted to the vehicle and removing the tub liner from the vehicle for an easier and cleaner installation. Basic trimming instructions are provided but we suggest trimming and test fitting as you go. 


    Tools required: 

    -Dremel with cutoff discs/grinder


    -Rivet gun

    -Cordless drill and drill bits.

    -Optional silicone to fill any small gaps




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