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MY21+ Dmax/BT-50 Bonnet Mount Aerial Bracket

MY21+ Dmax/BT-50 Bonnet Mount Aerial Bracket

SKU: AU0001365

Please read product description before ordering

  • Product information

    Perfect for mounting your UHF aerial in a convenient location. Bracket is made from 304 stainless steel. This bracket suits the passenger side of the bonnet only. Can be easily installed in minutes with simple hand tools.


    Please note: Due to the extremely tight tolerance between the bonnet and plastic trim we did notice on our test dmax some very light marks on the plastic trim. Whilst we do everything possible to press these exact there may over time be some very light marks in the plastic trim where the bracket closes. 

    Suits the RG model DMAX  (Jul 2020 - Current)





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