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KLR650 Radiator Brace & Fin Guard

KLR650 Radiator Brace & Fin Guard



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    One of the weak links of the KLR650 Gen II is the radiator position. We have reduced that weakness with our radiator brace and fin guard. Fabricated from a 4mm 5005 aluminum rear brace section with a 2mm 5005 aluminum screen secured with supplied stainless steel hardware this brace will help reduce the likelihood of damage to your radiator that would usually occur from a minor drop of the bike. This brace fits in behind standard fairings and utilizes existing mount points for the radiator. Radiator hoses may need to be removed for installation depending on any crash bars or accessories fitted to your bike. Designed to fit a 2008-2013 KLR650E model bike but may suit later models. Check your radiator fan mounting position against the pictures to see if your radiator is the same style. Designed and fabricated locally in Australia using the highest quality materials available. Worldwide Shipping is now available. Please contact us to arrange a postage quote if your country isn't listed.




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