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Slimline Battery Tray - Large

Slimline Battery Tray - Large

SKU: AU0000840


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  • Product information

    Slimline battery tray made from aluminum for lightweight whilst maintaining enough strength to retain your batteries. Supplied with 6 M6 steel nutserts and stainless hardware for mounting, 2 straps for retaining the battery and an auxiliary panel that can be mounted on either side to mount your DCDC charger. The battery tray measures 580mm x 140mm x 300mm overall. 


    The auxiliary panel has cutouts for 2 50 amp Anderson plus and 2 12v auxiliary plugs to be easily mounted. Holes to suit the DCDC charger of your choice will need to be drilled to suit. 


    These trays are supplied with basic installation instructions and will suit some vehicles behind dual cab passenger seats or inside your tray or canopy. Please ensure you confirm the tray will fit behind your dual-cabs back seat before ordering.




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